Matt Salmon was elected to represent the constituents of Arizona's 5th Congressional District in November of 2012.
Having first been elected to Congress in 1994 and serving until 2000 when he stepped away to honor his term limit pledge,
this is Matt's second stint serving the people of Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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  • /salmonforcongress - Please protect our National parks and wilderness. Our beautiful children deserve the best. Vote against these amendments please.
  • /salmonforcongress - Mr Salmon, Monday night you held a town hall meeting via telephone conferencing. I gave your call screener my question which was, "when are you and your colleagues going to start proceedings to arrest Mr.Obama for treason?" You didn't answer my question. You've all taken an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. He has broken that oath time and time again. All our leadership is in violation of their oath for not doing so. I hear the same rhetoric from our leadership, of "how are we going to stop Obama from destroying the constitution?" What good is an oath if neither of you are going to honor it? Do you want to put Mr. Obama in check, here's how, congress has the right and authority to nullify any mandate that is not regarded constitutional. On a side note, i can't believe you voted for Mr. Boehner to remain as Speaker of the House.

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