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Matt Salmon was elected to represent the constituents of Arizona's 5th Congressional District in November of 2012.
Having first been elected to Congress in 1994 and serving until 2000 when he stepped away to honor his term limit pledge,
this is Matt's second stint serving the people of Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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  • /salmonforcongress - Thanks to the U.S. District Court for blocking EPA's "WOTUS" rule. Today's victory is temporary, but a victory nevertheless. I have been against the "WOTUS" rule since day one, and I will continue to oppose this bad rule to protect hardworking American families.
  • /salmonforcongress - I want to offer my deepest condolences to the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Yesterday's shooting was a horrific tragedy. Also I want to wish Vicki Gardner a healthy and speedy recovery.
  • /salmonforcongress - As I mentioned last week, three violent criminal illegal aliens were released into Pinal County communities recently. I immediately took action by sending a letter demanding answers from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. Here is an article on my letter and the questions I asked. "So, I ask: How is the release of these three criminals, including one who beat, stabbed, and set a living man on fire, making our families, our children, and our communities safer? Why has ICE chosen to release these three specific individuals? Does this Administration intend to release more of these criminal illegal aliens? How many criminal illegal aliens have been released in Arizona over the last year? What criteria are being used to determine which individuals with violent criminal histories ought to be released into our communities instead of being expeditiously deported?" Read more here:
  • /salmonforcongress - U.S. Marines courageously save lives everyday somewhere in the world. Today it happened on a train in France. Join me in sending our deepest gratitude and our prayers to the two Marines involved in this scary incident. One of them is still battling for his life. May God bless him and his family during this difficult time.

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