November 1, 2014
Allyson Blair

CHANDLER, AZ (CBS5) - For Representative Matt Salmon, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi's release from a Mexican prison was all about keeping a promise.

"The last time I visited him in prison I told him next time I see you it's going to be on American soil and you are going to be a free man," Salmon said.

Tahmooressi was arrested in March for crossing into Mexico with three loaded guns and ammo in his truck. He called it an accident saying he took a wrong turn, but he was locked up anyway.

Friday night, cameras captured the former Marine smiling and hugging loved ones in San Diego.

Salmon said Tahmooressi's release came down to Mexican prisons not having the resources to treat his medical needs. So the courts there authorized a humanitarian release.

I think that finally they just realized that the best thing to do would be get Andrew back to the United States and treated for his post traumatic stress disorder ," Salmon said.

Salmon said Tahmooressi has no hard feelings toward the Mexican government. He added that the Marine and his family are grateful for the support they've received over the past seven months.

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