July 10, 2015
Phoenix Business Journal
Mike Sunnucks

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., has introduced a new federal bill in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of 32-year-old San Francisco woman by an undocumented immigration.

Salmon’s bill mandates a minimum five-year prison term for immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally after being deported. The measure is getting a big national push from Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

The effort comes after the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle at a San Francisco waterfront tourist attraction by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. The San Francisco Chronicle has reported Sanchez had been deported five times and told police he returned to San Francisco because of its sanctuary treatment of undocumented immigrants.

The paper also reported Sanchez told investigators he went to the waterfront area to shoot at sea lions. Sanchez had a criminal record beyond immigration violations, according to police.

Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act is nicknamed “Kate’s Law” after Steinle.

“Kate’s Law is a step toward that end. By instituting mandatory minimums for those who illegally reenter our nation after already having been deported, we help dissuade those who so casually disregard our laws and continue to victimize Americans,” Salmon said.

Salmon also references a fatal shooting earlier this year of a Mesa Quik Trip clerk, Grant Ronnebeck. He was allegedly gunned down by Apolinar Alamirano in a hold up over a pack of cigarettes. Alamirano was out on bond and was facing a deportation hearing when the killing occurred earlier this year.

The Salmon bill comes with illegal immigration taking center stage nationally. Donald Trump, who is appearing, at the Phoenix Convention Center Saturday, has stirred up the 2016 presidential race with some controversial comments about immigrants illegally entering the U.S. and some of the crimes they commit.

NBC, Macy’s, ESPN and Univision have dropped business deals with Trump over this comments. They’ve also catapulted him in the GOP presidential race.

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