Our Latest Campaign Video: Reform Washington


October 18, 2012
Salmon for Congress


When Nancy and I made the decision 18 months ago to run for Congress, I was determined to go back and change the status quo in Washington. Instead of working together to right the direction of America, our elected officials were more interested in partisan politics over the good of the American people.

With just three weeks to go until Election Day 2012, our nation continues to head in the wrong direction and I am more eager than ever to get back to Congress and reform the Washington culture.

I believe it's time for our nation's leaders to set aside the political loyalties that have eroded the trust of the American people, and work together to return our nation to its values of personal liberty, individual responsibility and a free-market economy.

Check out our latest campaign web video titled, "Reform Washington," to hear more about how I intend to put the interest of the American people before the interests of the Republican Party or Democrat Party.


If you agree with my message, please share this video with your friends, neighbors and family members and encourage them to join our team.

With your support, we'll change Washington together and elect leaders who will start putting principles over politics.


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