January 12, 2014
Tea Party News Network
Jennifer Burke

This week’s Tea Party Address (video below) is delivered by Rep. Matt Salmon who represents Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Salmon has been a harsh critic of the Obama administration as well as the big government spending tactics often perpetuated on both sides of the aisle. In his address, Rep. Salmon states vehemently that the Obama administration must be held accountable for their actions.

Friends, I am troubled by what seems to be this Administration’s pattern of misleading the American people and failing to hold decision makers accountable. That is why this year also means sticking to our guns to get to the bottom of the scandals that have rocked our country.

This means holding the NSA accountable for spying on American citizens. This means asking questions about Benghazi till we lose our voices because the sad truth is that we still need answers. This means addressing the IRS scandal and never forgetting Fast and Furious. President Truman had a placard on his desk that said ‘The Buck Stops Here’ and we must hold the Obama Administration accountable for these many unanswered questions.

In addition, he shares an amendment that he introduced along with Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida that those who tire of the two sets of rules that Congress often puts in place, one for the people and one for them, will likely appreciate. Watch his full message and learn about this amendment by watching the full Tea Party Weekly Address.

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