September 15, 2014
Washington Times
Jessica Chasmar

Rep. Matt Salmon called on the Obama administration Monday to send ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants.

The Arizona Republican took issue with President Obama’s plans to keep combat troops out of Iraq and Syria, where the terrorist group has already claimed large swathes of land.

“Why don’t we be straight with the American people? There are boots on the ground,” Mr. Salmon said on MSNBC, Politico reported. “You may not want to call them boots on the ground, but the people that are there — the over 1,000 of our troops that are already there right now — their families actually consider them to be boots on the ground.”

Mr. Obama announced during his address to the nation Wednesday night that he would be sending 475 troops to Iraq, in addition to the more than 1,000 military personnel already there, mainly to serve as advisers for training, intelligence and equipment.

Mr. Salmon said he “absolutely” agreed that Congress should authorize U.S. combat troops in the region, Politico reported.

“We’re at war with these guys,” he said. “Let’s quit candy-coating it and let’s go in with everything that we’ve got and finish it this time.” 

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