September 22, 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Jamila Trindle

The Senate this week focuses on legislation to keep federal agencies funded after the new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1, and the partisan debate over that bill dominated the Sunday morning political talk shows. Here are the top five quotes from today about the ongoing fiscal fight:

“I find it ironic that the president would negotiate with Vladimir Putin, but he won’t negotiate with the Republicans in the House of Representatives.”

– Rep. Matt Salmon (R., Ariz.) on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” President Barack Obama is striking a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons. He refuses to negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling.

“This is totally irresponsible, completely juvenile and, as I’ve called it, legislative arson.”

– House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), on CNN’s “State of the Union,” who was referring to Republican attempts to delay implementation of the new federal health law as a condition for raising the debt ceiling.

“If the majority’s going to run the minority over with a train, the minority has the ability to stop them.”

– Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), on “Fox News Sunday,” who vowed to use Senate procedure to slow a Democratic attempt to restore money for the new federal health law to must-pass spending legislation.

“I don’t think in America we should throw tantrums when we lose elections and threaten to shut down the government.”

– Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) on “Fox News Sunday,’’ who was referring to the fact that if Congress can’t pass a spending bill by Oct. 1, it would trigger a partial government shutdown.

“I agree with them that if we could do this, we should do it, but we can’t.”

– Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He was citing attempts to stop the new health law by stripping it of funding.

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