Have You Met...Rep. Matt Salmon?

Benjamin Franklin once said, "They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." [Read More]

Salmon has priorities right

After attending a town hall meeting in Chandler with Congressman Matt Salmon, I am encouraged to hear that he favors securing our border first and implementation of other important steps to fix our broken immigration system. [Read More]

GOP lawmaker: 'Epic' privacy war waged

The United States is locked in a "fight of epic proportions" on the constitutional right to privacy, according to Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), who rallied conservatives to reform government surveillance programs. [Read More]

Republicans want photo ID requirement for food stamps

A dozen House Republicans say people who use federal food stamps should be required to show a photo ID when they use their electronic benefit cards (EBCs) to buy groceries. [Read More]

Dear Mr. President: This shutdown isn't a game

Congressman: Why won't Obama compromise? [Read More]

Salmon is a man of his word

Give U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon this: He is a man of his word. [Read More]

DESANTIS AND SALMON: Striking a blow against Washington's ruling-class mentality

Few impulses are more widely shared by the American public than contempt for Congress. [Read More]

Brewer lauds bill in Congress to require voters to prove citizenship

Gov. Jan Brewer wants Congress to pass a bill that would allow states to require citizenship documents from all prospective voters before they can cast a ballot. [Read More]

Matt Salmon goes after Holder on IRS scandal

Republicans continue to have a political field day with the Internal Revenue Service targeting tea party and other conservative critics of President Barack Obama with audits and special scrutiny. [Read More]

What immigration reform must entail

America is a nation of immigrants. [Read More]
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