Almost every American agrees that our health care system needs serious reform. Unfortunately, rather than address this problem using free-market principles, the Obama administration gave us the Affordable Care Act, which has fundamentally altered health care in our nation. Sadly, we are just beginning to see the consequences of this deeply flawed law. With the Administration exempting big businesses and delaying or altering several other provisions, we have yet to see the full impact of the law. Even though Obamacare has not been fully implemented we are already seeing huge increases in premiums, as well as drops in coverage.

That is why I joined the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare with market based solutions that empower the patient and their doctors, not federal bureaucrats. I introduced legislation, H.R. 1908, the Federal Repeal of Expensive Exchanges Act, to repeal both the employer and individual mandates from Obamacare and stop Washington bureaucrats from dictating what your health care should look like. And, I have declined Obamacare and refused its special subsidies made available by the Obama administration for members of Congress. We can and must do better than Obamacare for our nation's patients, families and businesses.